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No part of this Journal may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publisher. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of information contained in the text, illustrations of advertisement. The opinions expressed in the articles are not necessarily those of the Editor or Publisher. Permission granted to quote from JSEM with the customary acknowledgement of source.


The reviewer fee and handling charges is ₦2,000.00K (Two thousand naira) for every article submitted. After the manuscript might have been accepted for publication, the page charges of ₦12,000.00K (Twelve thousand naira) is expected to be paid by the author(s). Evidences of all payments should be sent to awife_4u@yahoo.com or awifejournal@gmail.com.


The purpose of the Journal of Sustainable Environmental Management (JSEM) is to promote and advance the professional ideas of Forest Environmental Management and Forest Resources Utilization to meet and exchange ideas with enabling contributors to keep abreast of scientific and technical developments within the profession, so that they can constantly strive for improvement.

The Journal is published for the internal community of environmentalists, Foresters, Botanists, Agriculturalists, Technologists, Rural Sociologists and others working on Environmental, and Forest Resources Utilization. Published articles are expected to be of immediate and practical value to researchers and practitioners in these fields.

Fully referred original research articles as well as major and minor reviews are considered for publication in JSEM. Papers will be reviewed by referees selected by the Editor and will be published in order by which the final version, accompanied by corresponding page charges are received. All manuscripts are to be in English.

The Journal of Sustainable Environmental Management shall be published from time to time (at least ten papers per volume), Subscription rate shall be ₦3,000.00/Volume for Institution (US$25 for Institutions outside Nigeria); and ₦2500.00/volume for individuals. (US$15 per individuals outside Nigeria) Subscription begins with the first issue after receipt of payment. No subscription will be accepted for less than one year. Missing issues covered by paid subscription will be replaced without charges, provided the complaint is made within 60days after date of issue for addresses in Nigeria and within six months for foreign addresses. The Editors cannot be responsible for the loss or damage to manuscripts and accompanying matter.


The following guidelines should be followed by Authors submitting papers to Journal of Sustainable Environmental Management.

Title: should be specific, Capitalized, Centralized and concise.

All other headings e.g. ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION, MATERIALS AND METHODS to REFERENCES are to be capitalized and centralized.

Authors: Names and address of the Author(s) should be stated and centralized.

Abstract: A factual summary to be included at the beginning of the paper. It should not exceed 250 words and should be able to stand on its own, giving a true indication of the entire content of the paper. Use Microsoft Word Arial Narrow font 12 size for the abstract.

Keywords: Authors are to provide keywords suitable for referencing just below the abstract.

Text: Typed double space paper using Microsoft Word, Times New Roman font (size 12). Avoid numbering of lines and Sub-headings, except the first letters, italicized, left justified and bolded. Environmental Management and Forest Resource Utilization related articles of about 10 page length to edit all manuscripts. All manuscripts received will be sent for editorial review.

Conclusion: All papers to end with a succinct statement of conclusion.

References: Indent the references. Italicize the Journal names and book titles as follows:


Asinwa, I, O., Kazeem, I. F, and Afolabi, O.F (2010): Effect of seed during chemical and period of storage on soybeans seedling rigour. Journal of Tropical Forest Res. 16 (1): 20-18


Bolanle, O.T. (2007): Water Supply in Nigeria. CREM Book Series 1, Daybis Publishers, Ibadan Nigeria. 127 pp


Agbeja, A.O. and Olaitan, A.O (1998): Recent Flow regimes of Rivers: Evidence of Climate Change in “Water Resources, Environmental and Sustainable Development” (Somade, A.F Ed.) Proceddings of the 2nd Annual Conference, Nigeria Association of Hydrogeologists, Abuja, pp68-70

Table: Use table menu on Microsoft Word to prepare all table (Style of tables should be Table simple 1).

Figures: Place figure captions below the figures. Dos not use colour unless it is necessary for the proper interpretation and do not put grid lines and boarders around or outside the figures.

Note: Send soft copies of your manuscript to the Editor through this e-mail

addresses: awife_4u@yahoo.com or awifejournal@gmail.com.

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Account no: 1013231284

Bank name: Polaris Bank Plc